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The Comprehensive Guide to Create a Conversion-Focused E-Book Lead Magnet

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The lure of free is enormously powerful.
- Dan Ariely (Author of Predictably Irrational)

Did you know that it takes anywhere between 7-10 brand touchpoints to convert leads into paying customers? 

Consumers, these days, are super-cautious about sharing their personal information like email address, contact details, etc. with businesses online.

That’s because their mailboxes are already flooded with hundreds of promotional emails and they don’t want to add another one to the list unless obviously, they really want to hear from you.

And that’s what lead magnets can help you with.

Offering lead magnets will help you get your prospects’ contact details. But that’s just the start. After successfully generating leads, the next step is to nurture them, which will ultimately help you turn them into paying customers. 

According to HubSpot, “An EBook is one of the best tried-and-true lead magnet types that has been helping businesses provide value and boost their sales for years.”

And if you have been wondering how to create an EBook lead magnet, you are at the right place.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the steps to creating an extremely performant EBook Lead Magnet. 
    • Choose a Topic That Focuses on Your Audience’s Pain Points 
      • Pinpoint the Top 10 Performing Blog Posts on Your Website 
    • Outline Each Chapter of Your Ebook
    • Carry Out Thorough Research
    • Break Down Every Chapter as You Write
    • Design the EBook
    • Use the Right Colors That Go Well with Your Brand
    • Incorporate Visuals Naturally
    • Don’t Forget to Add Stats or Quotes
    • Place Appropriate CTAs Within Your EBook
    • Create an Attractive Out-of-the-Box Cover
    • Choose the Right Format & Convert it
    • Create a Killer EBook Lead Magnet Landing Page
    • Promoting Your EBook

Before we jump in, let’s learn why offering an EBook Lead Magnet is truly-rewarding. Listed below are the benefits:

  • EBooks are highly portable
  • Unlike the long-form printed media, EBooks are instantly accessible
  • It’s easy to create an EBook Lead Magnet 
  • EBooks, in some ways, have design capabilities which brands can’t implement in their blog
  • EBooks, after creation, can be offered hundreds of thousands of times with no additional production costs involved.
  • Links to other media can be embedded in EBooks, which will ultimately encourage your users to engage with your other content pieces even more
  • EBooks are easily accessible and the readers, without any hassle, can increase their font sizes and read aloud via text-to-speech.
  • They are easily searchable.
  • And many more!

If the idea of offering a value-adding EBook Lead Magnet to your prospects has just popped into your mind, you might have not set anything in stone. 

But there’s nothing to worry about. Right from selecting the right EBook topic to promoting it on different channels, we’ll guide you all along the way.

And that’s not it.

After you have successfully created your EBook, we’ll be focusing on creating a mind-blowing EBook Landing Page that lures your prospects into filling up the form and downloading the EBook straight away.

Choose a Topic That Focuses on Your Audience’s Pain Points

Okay, currently, our main goal is to generate as many leads as we possibly can. But that doesn’t mean that we should just focus on the quantity.

Obviously, the quality of leads is our top priority.

As a result, it’s super-important to pick a topic that not only makes your prospects go through the hassle of filling up the lead capture form and downloading the EBook but also impresses them to the point that they want to have a conversation with you or your sales team.

Does that mean you should pick a completely unique irrelevant topic that people haven’t heard about?

Probably, not! The biggest mistake we’ve seen businesses make is that they deviate from the topics they cover in their other marketing channels. 

The end result? Their campaigns don’t work.

Instead, you should consider diving deep into a specific subject covered by you and your team in the past. 

For instance, if you published a blog post titled “Top Benefits of Influencer Marketing,” then maybe you can consider creating an EBook on “The Most Comprehensive Guide to Influencer Marketing You’ll Ever Come Across.” 

Or you may even pick the top 10 blog posts with the highest engagement in the past and create an EBook Lead Magnet that makes your brand shine.

To help you get started, here are some ideas that you may consider:

  • An Introduction to {Industry/ Topic}
  • X Best Practices for {Industry/ Topic}
  • The State of {Industry/ Topic} in {Year}
  • {Industry/ Topic} {2020} Holiday Marketing Guide (For Holidays)

In the end, the topic you should choose depends on the industry you are a part of and your business model. More importantly, it depends on your target audience’s pain points.

Pinpoint the Top 10 Performing Blog Posts on Your Website

If you have been publishing value-adding blog posts on your website for quite some time, half of your work is almost done.

You might already have everything you need to create your EBook Lead Magnet. All you need to do is filter out the content.

Head over to your blog section and pick the right blog posts or topics with the highest engagement and conversion rate.

To turn the process even smoother, you can use Google Analytics to pinpoint the top-performing blog posts. 

In addition to this, you will even get key information on each of the top-performing blog posts like unique page views, entrances, time spent, etc.

And once you have all the metrics in front of you, you may pick the 10 top-performing ones and get started with creating the outline.

Outline Each Chapter of Your EBook

According to some experts, “An EBook is nothing but a series of blog posts and articles stitched together.”

But what they fail to add is that each of these topics should be linked with each other and must flow fluidly from one chapter to another.

That’s the reason you should outline each chapter of your EBook way ahead of time.

The introduction will set the stage, helping you draw your readers in.

While you create an outline for your EBook Lead Magnet, I’d advise you to think of it as a crash course.

While writing an EBook, rather than focusing on its length, I think about the content that I’ll be adding in.

Your prospects, now turned leads, will be reading your EBook to get a full-proof answer and a solution to their problem. And that’s where your focus should lie.

Don’t worry if it’s just 10 pages or 20, in the end, what matters is quality. Creating a brief outline will help you plan all of it out way ahead of time and get started with the research part.  

Carry Out Thorough Research

After picking a topic for your EBook and creating a detailed outline, it’s time to move ahead and carry out thorough research.

Research: The Distance Between an Idea & Its Realization
- David Sarnoff

You might be an industry-expert, yet not be well-versed with certain topics. That’s the reason prior to writing your EBook, it’s essential to carry out thorough research. 

Educate yourself on current trends. Know all the ins and outs before you start writing. 

Create a separate document and type in everything you come up with during the research phase. 

Plus, you may even conduct a survey and share the results in your EBook, ultimately creating an outstanding impression on your potential audience.

Break Down Every Chapter as You Write

The next step; it’s time to start writing and pour your heart out. 

While writing EBooks, I approach each of the chapters the way I write long-form blog posts. What I do is divide each of them into smaller sections. This helps me not only write clearly but also provide value in a clear manner.

I don’t want my readers to feel lost while reading my EBook. 

If it’s too hard to read for them, then they will ultimately end up not wanting to hear from you ever. 

And that’s why I break down the chapters into sections and subsections as well as bullet-points, helping me ensure that the lead magnet is easy to read.

The next point you should consider is to maintain a consistent structure across each of the chapters. 

If the transitions aren’t natural, then it’ll be a turn-off for your readers. They might even get confused. And that’s the last thing you want to do.

I’d advise you to establish natural transitions such that they are perfectly clear on everything.

Some tips that will help you in the long-term are:

  • Use power words in titles to Catch your readers’ attention
    • Rather than “How to Lose Weight,” the more engaging title here is “An Expert’s Advice on Losing 30 Pounds Instantly.” That’s because people want to lose their weight as fast as they possibly can. And they’d love reading an EBook on it.
  • Keeping the format consistent will help you enhance the understanding of your material
  • Don’t undervalue the importance of formatting, i.e. bold text, bulleted lists, font size changes. For instance, at the beginning of this guide, I highlighted one of the quotes in Italic font. That’s how I love arranging my content. This will help you emphasize specific points that you want your readers to remember.

Designing Your EBook Lead Magnet

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to design your EBook.

There are dozens of software you can use to help you with the process, some of which include Calibre, PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, Canva, etc. 

Almost all of them have pre-loaded templates to help you start designing your EBook.

While designing your EBook, some tips you should consider are:

  • Use Classic fonts like Verdana or Arial. 
  • Ensure that the margins are consistent
  • Use the Right Colors That Go Well with Your Brand
  • Incorporate Visuals 
  • Design a Top-Notch Visually Appealing EBook Cover

Throughout the entire design process, you can hire a freelance graphic designer to help you out.

Maintain Brand Identity

While you’ll obviously come across pre-loaded templates for your EBook online, chances are that they won’t go well with your brand’s colors. 

To create an outstanding impression in front of your audience, your focus should be on personalizing the design.

Right from adding your brand’s logo to the secondary colors within the brand’s color palette, you should create something that will make your brand shine.

Incorporate Visuals Naturally

The biggest problem businesses face while creating their EBook lead magnets is getting the images and graphics right. 

The challenge here is to ensure that these visuals fit in well and aren’t thought of as complementary to your writing. 

While it completely depends on you whether you prefer adding them before or after finishing your EBook copy, make sure that the visuals highlight important points, such that without them the readers will be missing out on one of the most important parts of the concept.

Consider adding in graphs, charts, striking images acting as examples, to enhance your readers’ understanding. 

For this part, I’d advise you to hire a graphic designer who’ll not only design top-notch visuals but even work with you till the end to ensure that the visuals go perfectly well with the text.

Don’t Forget to Add Stats or Quotes

Numbers are powerful. And another thing that’s equally powerful is a quote. 

If you want to position yourself as an industry expert, then you seriously need to back your claims with relevant statistics and quotes.

For instance, if your EBook is about the growing popularity of Social Media Marketing, then you need to back your claim with relevant statistics like:

“According to {Source}, “The number of active social media users has increased by a massive 10.5% over the past year, which is why it’s a perfect opportunity for businesses to start establishing their online presence.”

Not only should the stats be effective, but they should even be relevant. You may find the above-mentioned stat right HERE.

And that’s not it.

Planning to add some mind-blowing stats like the one you mentioned below?

Successful social media marketing’s not built on impressions. Instead, it’s built on relationships.
- Kim Garst

In that case, we’d advise you to highlight them with a bigger font, as displayed in the picture below:

This will help you ensure catching your readers’ attention and positioning yourself as an expert.

Place Appropriate CTAs Within Your EBook

Congratulations! Upon following each of the steps mentioned above sequentially, you might have your EBook content and design ready. 

Now, you need to optimize your lead magnet for lead generation, promotion, and reconversion.

Undoubtedly, you will be adding value to your audience’s lives via your EBook. 

But the question is, “What’s next?”

You would love nothing more than your audience getting in touch with you and buying your products or services; wouldn’t you?

If you want them to take some kind of action, you need to tell them about it.

For those who don’t know what Call-to-Action (CTA) is, it’s a link or a visual object with the purpose of enticing the visitors, in your case readers, to take the desired action that you want them to.

Placing appropriate CTAs will help you convert your readers into paying customers. 

Create an Attractive Out-of-the-Box Cover

Either you can do it all by yourself or just hire a freelance graphic designer to create an attractive out-of-the-box cover for your EBook Lead Magnet

People have always judged a book by its cover. And they always will.

Hence, you should knock this one out of the park.

Assuming that you are creating your own cover, here’s what you should consider:

  • Images must be RGB
  • The cover shouldn’t have a border
  • Consider creating the cover at 1659 pixels wide by 2500 pixels tall
  • Don’t compromise on the quality
  • EBook cover should show the title and the name of the author clearly

If you aren’t a designer yourself, you can use one of the templates on Canva to create an outstanding EBook cover for your EBook lead magnet.

Choose the Right Format

Here’s a list of formats businesses offer their EBooks in:

  • EPUB
  • Mobipocket
  • Kindle
  • PDF
  • ODF
  • Rich Text Format
  • DjVu
  • Doc
  • iBook
  • TomeRaider

Up until now, PDF format has been massively used by businesses all across the world. That’s because they are easy to create. But, the downside of PDF formats is they don’t work well with different devices.

In some devices, PDFs don’t resize or reflow the way users want them to. And this can ultimately lead to a poor reading experience.

With Amazon dominating the E-Reader space by offering EBooks in the Kindle format, you can make the entire process simpler for yourself. While creating a Kindle E-Book is a one-click process, there are some E-Readers out there who don’t prefer the Kindle format. 

.EPUB is an EBook format popular for EBook lead magnets.

However, in the end, the decision lies in your hands and depends on who your target audience is.

Create a Killer Landing Page for Your Ebook

Now, you are done with writing your EBook. 

It’s up for grabs. 

But, just like anything else in the digital world, if you want more and more of your visitors to download your EBook, you need to convince them why. 

And that’s what landing pages are for.

It’s time we created a killer landing page for your EBook.

A landing page is nothing but a dedicated webpage for your EBook where you will be promoting and describing your offer and adding in a form that your visitors will be required to fill out and submit before they can access and download your EBook.

Once they have successfully submitted the form, you will have access to their contact details.

But, if you actually want them to go through the trouble of adding in their contact details and submitting the form, you need to ensure that your EBook Landing Page is stunning right from the start.

Don’t worry! We have an entire section dedicated to helping you build a landing page that’ll make your visitors go ‘WOW.’

Promote Your EBook

After you have successfully created a killer landing page for your EBook, it’s time to focus on the promotion.

Some of the top ways you can promote your EBook on different marketing channels are:

  • Promote your EBook through your blog. Consider adding in a Call-to-Action dedicated towards making your readers download the EBook in the conclusion part of your blog posts.
  • Consider sending segmented emails to your contacts 
  • Leverage Paid Advertising
  • Promote your offer on your social media channels

Moving ahead, I want you to build the best landing page there is, which is why now we’ll be taking a brief look at how to create a killer EBook Lead Magnet landing page.

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