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Squeeze Pages vs. Landing Pages - Which is Best for You?

Learn about the difference and how to use each

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Both terms are common terms used by digital marketers and web-developers. Despite the ubiquity of the terms, they're often confused. 

For a short answer, A squeeze page is a type of landing page with a single purpose; that of collecting visitors' details by a short form.

It's an "a square is a rectangle but not all rectangles are square" situation.
If you're satisfied with that answer, I guess you can stop reading here
- however, if you want to learn more about each, keep going.

What is a Landing Page?

As the name implies, a landing page is a web-page on which a visitor lands through a link (by search or social media). Landing pages are used as a substantial part of a customer/marketing funnel, and their primary purpose is to help the visitor understand how the page is connected with the link he just clicked.

A landing page designer can use multiple types of content, design multiple call-to-actions, and create various sections and options for the users to educate them about services and products offered.

It may or may not be a ‘homepage’ - you don’t have to put everything about your business on your homepage. That’s why landing pages are designed.

Here's a list of possible Landing Pages: 

  1. Squeeze Page
  2. Click-through Landing Page
  3. 404 Landing Page
  4. Coming Soon Landing Page
  5. Pricing Page
  6. Thank You Page
  7. Splash Page
  8. Unsubscribe/Uninstall Page
  9. Long-form Landing Page
  10. Video Landing Page
  11. Product Details Landing Page

To promote or show your landing page, one may use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media tool that works best for the niche among the relevant audience. However, if you have a good number of newsletter subscribers, email marketing is your ultimate method to get traffic on landing pages.

Landing Page Examples

Below is an example of a simple landing page. It has a strong headline that says, “Welcome to your Free Trial.”  The main focus of the web-page is the ‘getting started’ video and has a message below asking the user to their check email to start with the free trial. A counter underneath creates scarcity.

What is a Squeeze Page?

As mentioned, the Squeeze page is a type of landing page that focuses on a single goal of getting visitor’s details (most commonly visitor’s email).

If you want to get your visitor’s email and add it to your email automation campaigns, squeeze pages work best compared to landing pages.

Since squeeze pages aren’t long, having multiple sections or call-to-actions, they are proven to get more conversions than landing pages - Even though your visitors have full authority to enter their details or leave the site.

They are typically narrower and shorter than other types of web-pages (the sole purpose of it is to draw more attention towards the actual content)

Pop-up modals can also serve as a type of squeeze "page." There aren't necessarily navigated to but appear with some action or delay. With a lucrative offer, you can customize pop-ups for solid conversions.

Familiarizing with the basic concept of both pages isn’t enough. To use both effectively, it’s necessary to understand the difference between them.

Difference between a Squeeze Page & Landing Page

Here’s an exact comparison between both pages with the help of an in-depth comparison chart.

Landing Pages:

  • Are used to describe Service or Product
  • May or may not have multiple sections
  • May or may not have a fillable form
  • May have multiple forms of media such as images, videos, GIFs, etc
  • Have variable length
  • Generally require more design effort

Whereas, squeeze pages: 

  • Are used to solicit action
  • Don’t usually have multiple sections
  • Must include a fillable form or require some sort of action
  • Are generally have a limited set of media so that visitors don’t get distracted
  • Are generally short
  • May require less design effort

When to Use Each

Now we know the difference between squeeze pages and landing pages, let’s talk about the importance of each with a few real-life examples.

Business websites rely on conversions rather than engagements and traffic. If the conversion rate is low, there is no benefit of getting massive traffic to the website. For that, we use squeeze pages to get more conversions. 

Conversions are increased by direct communication with prospects. With that, you can check his response, present specific offers to him and make his decision easier.

But unfortunately, distractions are always there as a killing factor for conversions and on-going efforts to make the prospect travel through the customer funnel. To remove those distractions from our web page, we squeeze all of the information to a single point to ask the user to enter his email and proceed.

Squeeze pages are a great way of getting a visitor’s attention, eventually getting conversions and making him your customer. 

If you ever need to invite prospects to an event, make a free giveaway of your eBook, or share a cheatsheet, the squeeze page would be the best choice for this job.

Squeeze Page vs. Landing Page: Which is Best for Your Business Needs?

In online business marketing, you’ll need both types of web-pages to incorporate in your website marketing strategy.

You can’t escape from any of it because both the squeeze page and landing page have their own importance, and one cannot be a replacement for others.

A landing page will be a detailed answer to all of your services or products detail. It might have a navigation menu to direct the user to multiple options and web-pages.

In contrast, a squeeze page is a handy tool to get your visitor’s email with a simple web-page design and crisp copywriting.


We hope that the differences between a squeeze page and a landing page are obvious now if they weren't already. Good luck into

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