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How to Make a Fool-Proof Conversion Strategy [2021 Guide]

Maximize your conversion rate today!

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As digital marketers, conversions are always the goal. But most of us quite don’t achieve the conversion goals that we set. (And it really feels bad :/)

Content marketers usually blame their lead generation systems for it and try to optimize their lead generation instead of focusing on the actual conversion problem.

You can’t generate in-line sales unless your conversion rates are consistent and at optimum levels.

And it’s only possible when you develop a conversion strategy with vital tools and platforms for your business that solely focuses on optimizing conversion rates of the current leads at hand.

Whether you’re working for a B2B or B2C business solution, this conversion strategy guide covers all basic to advanced that increase conversion rates while keeping the number of leads intact.

Developing an Effective Conversion Strategy for Your Business

Just because you’re not making enough sales, it doesn’t mean that your marketing strategy isn’t generating sufficient leads.

While developing a fool-proof conversion strategy, you must forget about the idea of ‘HOW MANY’ leads and work with the number of leads currently available.

You can still make a handsome amount of sales without ‘TOO MANY’ leads if your conversion rates are high.

1. Know Your End Goal for Marketing

Where do you want to see your business in a few years? 

What do you expect from your prospects and customers? 

What’s the end goal where you want your business to reach?

These are the questions you must ask yourself as a digital marketer or a business owner if you want to set the right path for achieving certain conversion goals.

No tools, platforms, and marketing solutions will help you without being crystal clear about your business idea.

With certain small milestones set up, you can identify the tools and solutions for it - Also, you can keep track of your marketing campaigns that represent conversion strategies options.

Do not be overoptimistic while designing goals - But that doesn’t mean you underestimate your marketing capacity. Be sincere with it, and take some time on the first step. It’s always better than to develop a random conversion strategy.

2. Research about Optimum Conversion Rate Goals

You can’t expect to optimize the conversions until you know what’s wrong in the first place.

Well, one good thing about digital marketers is that we don’t need to reinvent the wheel often - All of the data and footprints are already available on the web.

Research about your competitors, niche, and industry and see what actually the other marketers are doing.

After getting all of this information, compare it with your own analytics, and find the worse data points in your charts and tables.

The more strong research you carry, the better it will help make firm decisions about the conversion strategy plan.

Not so much difficult, right?

Only when you have the right data available.

3. Know Your Customer’s Persona

You can’t convert a prospect if he doesn’t need your services, Period.

Of course, the marketing campaigns always target specific people, but that specificity isn’t that accurate sometimes.

It’s essential to know your ideal customer who will become the recurring buyer of your services or products. In this way, you can easily make the prospect travel from the awareness stage to the conversion stage smoothly.

If you reach that person, he or she most likely will buy from you even if your marketing campaign is a bit flawed or not a hundred percent efficient.

Perhaps, your conversion rates are low because your business isn’t reaching its ideal customers.

Your ad copy should reflect what your prospect wants to read and see - Not what you want to sell.

Understand the difference.

4. Make Unique and Creative Content

Every day, thousands of new blogs, eBooks, landing pages, ad copies, whitepapers, case studies, and other content is produced.

Do you really think every content gets the same amount of attention?

Of course, not.

When you want your conversions rates to be high, your content should meet the standards as well.

If you want to make your content stand out, it has to be unique and special in a way that engages the right prospects with its text and design creativity.

You should understand the idea that conversions don’t happen instantly - With every good content piece, your prospect gets nurtured to a subsequent step of getting converted.

Any bad content can immediately put a break to the customer conversion journey - So, beware!

5. Set up a Tripwire Offer

Selling a product for a ‘BIG PRICE TAG’ is difficult for new customers sometimes.

Tripwires are a great way of converting them and bringing them into the funnels.

When excelling in your conversion rate optimization (CRO) process, set up tripwires to your landing pages that offer a small part of your products or services in exchange for a minimal cost.

It can be a free trial for a software-based solution or a discounted item for an eCommerce store. The tripwire depends on your business, but the goal remains the same - i.e., optimizing conversion strategy.

As soon as the prospects buy your tripwire offer, they are longer in the ‘cold leads’ zone. They have officially become your CUSTOMERS!

6. Employ SEO as Your Conversion Friend

Organic conversions are the most profitable in the sense of return on investment (ROI).

And, the best way of getting organic conversions is through search engines.

If your website is visible and getting hits through search engine ranking pages (SERPs), you’re already ahead in the race.

Prospects coming to your website are the ones who are actually finding the solution that you offer - Don’t let them go without converting them!

It’s only possible when your landing pages are optimized for the right keywords, instead of fluff words that aren’t profitable in getting useful leads.

You can research the relevant keywords for your business website or hire an SEO expert who can do this job for you.

7. Start Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Start getting more involved with email marketing and bring more conversions to your business.

If you’re one of those who think email marketing is dead, keep this fact in your mind that ‘There are 3.9 billion daily email users’ (Hubspot, 2020)

It’s a great way to optimize your conversions - Reach out to your prospects in their inbox and introduce them with lucrative offers often until they convert.

Don’t spam, though.

This marketing tool is not only helpful in getting conversions but also in building a strong relationship with your audience.

You can set up email automation systems that automatically keep your sent emails' track record, send emails automatically, follow-up frequently with a set of possible email outcomes.

Don’t let your followers and subscribers skid away without converting them into your full-time customers.


Constant conversion strategy can’t be built over a week or so - It may require months to achieve high conversion rates.

But when your conversion goals are clear and aligned with your business vision, the journey gets short and exciting.

Follow the above plan step-by-step and build a strong conversion strategy that genuinely reflects your marketing goals and business objectives.

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